Making love on the beach

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Making love on the beach

Michael and I have are very...let's say...involved in each other. When he's there, everyone else disappears. When he kisses me, I feel a warmth tingling through me, starting at my pussy and radiating through my entire body. I love him so much, and whenever I'm near him, all I want to do is drop to my knees and make him feel everything I feel. I love his cock, and I worship his body. Sometimes, all I have to do is bury my face in his chest hair, and I'm soaking wet. I had only been with boys before...and Michael is a man. A strong, sexy, beautiful man.

We went on vacation a few weeks ago...and I was really looking forward to it. Just a week of nothing but the two of us. Nothing but the two of us making love, lying in the sun, and drinking margaritas. 
Our first day out on the beach, we were the only people there. It was beautiful, the unending strip of white sand meeting the clear, turquoise waves. We spread out our towels, and I stripped off my shorts and tank top, revealing my bikini...or my excuse for a bikini. It was really skimpy, but I figured that I was there with Michael, so why not wear something I knew he would love? It was white, with burgundy flowers on it. The bottoms tied on the sides, and the top tied around my neck and back. I'm very fair-skinned, so I asked Michael to rub sunscreen on my back. 

I rolled over on my stomach, and he started massaging the lotion into my shoulders. As he moved lower, he untied the string around my back so that he could be sure to cover every inch of skin. He knew that if I got a sunburn I wouldn't even let him touch me! As his hands moved across my back, I started to get free porn movies download really turned on. He moved his hands down my sides, brushing the sides of my breasts. My nipples were so hard they hurt. He massaged my lower back, caressing the tattoo just above my bikini bottom. His hand slipped a little bit under my suit, then he moved down to my /feet/">feet. He rubbed lotion up my calves, then my thighs. As he did this, I spread my legs a little, and he reached between them...he was rubbing my inner thighs, and his hand brushed against my pussy. He could feel how wet I was through my suit, and he slid his finger under my bikini bottom and touched my dripping slit. I shifted against his hand, begging him to finger me, but he teased me, and tickled my clit, making me whimper. Then he laid down beside me, and I turned my face toward him. He kissed me, pulling my body close to his. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, flicking my tongue against it. I could feel how hard he was, and I slid my hand down his body to grasp his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He moved my hand away, and whispered "In public?" 

I looked around. "There's nobody here. No one's going to see,"
"We could get arrested," he argued, but I stopped his mouth with another kiss. 

I could feel him giving in, but he still resisted. I slid my hand into his shorts and ran my fingers up and down his hard cock. He groaned and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He rolled on top of me, spreading my legs. I wrapped them around his waist, wound my arms around his neck, and pulled him close to me. His cock pressed against my pussy through our clothes, and our tongues danced in each other's mouths. The sun warmed his back, and the waves drowned out my moaninng.
"Please," I begged him, "Please make love to me."

He looked up and down the beach. There wasn't a soul in sight. Looking at me with pure lust in his eyes, he reached behind my neck and untied the only thing holding my top to my body. He pulled it away, exposing my breasts to the sun. The light breeze played on my nipples, making them even harder. He covered my left nipple with his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. With the other hand, he gently caressed my right breast, and then ran his hand down my side. Hefumbled with the side tie of my bikini bottom, and finally untied it. Leaving the one side loose, he untied the other, and then pulled it gently down. I was completely naked, with nothing but the warmth of the sun to cover my body. 

He kissed a line down my stomach, and when he came to the point where my legs joined, he reached his toungue out and traced my slit with the very tip of it. Then he placed his hands on my thighs and spread them further apart. He spread my lips with his fingers, uncovering my clit, which by this time was hard and throbbing. He flicked his tongue against it, and I moaned again, digging my fingers into his hair. He circled my clit with his tongue and slid a finger into me. When he started lapping my clit up and down, I started to come. The breeze and the sun and the waves filled my senses, and everything started swimming and before I knew it, I was screaming his name. I bucked and grinded my pussy into his face, soaking his beard. I came hard and fast, feeling my orgasm through my whole body. It radiated outwards, reaching the tips of my fingers and toes. He kept his tongue on my clit well after I came, feeling my pulse and throb against his mouth. 

When I came around, he looked up and down the beach again. It was still deserted. Without further hesitation, he pulled his big, hard cock out of his bathing suit and our eyes met. He could see the unbridled lust in my eyes, and so he gave me exactly what he knew I wanted. With one thrust, he was deep inside me. Under the sun, the cloudless sky and the gentle breeze, he made love to me, in full view of the sky. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we gazed into each others eyes. As we rocked against each other, he pressed his lips against mine. I bucked against him and he matched me thrust for thrust. I felt myself starting to come again. 

"It's time, baby," I whispered in his ear, "Make me come. Make me come now!"

My pussy started quaking, my muscles tightening around his cock. This was all he needed to set him off, and he shot his load deep into my pussy as I convulsed around him. He collased on top of me, and we both laid there, breathless, in the sand. 

He traced my nipple with the tip of his finger, then brushed against my thigh. The waves pounded against the sand, and the sun beat down on us. 
There's always the thrill, thinking you might get caught, but this was something more. There was something so amazing about letting the wind touch my body in full hd xvideo download the most private places, letting the sun hit my breasts and my pussy. It was amazing...something that I had been fantasizing about for such a long time...and I'll remember it forever.