Sex fantazys 2

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Sex fantazys 2

hi i'm a dirty ol man who gets off thinking about letting other guys have my beautiful wife anyway they'd like. i told you before in my first story the way i am so i won't go into that again. she dosen't have any idea that i picture her in my fantazies, and i'm keeping it that way. let me tell you that linda, my wife is about 5,4 or so.about 125 to 130, blue eyes long blond hair, and a perfect body. i have never gotten tired of seeing her naked, and she knows that. what i'm thinking about now is, we have talked about going out and look for anybody that we might come across and get him to with us,(linda)she is dressed very sexie, a pink mini skirt, sheir pink blouse, that you can see through, some knee high boots, and has me excited looking at her. remember this is my fantazy. we drive around for a while looking for anybody we know or a total stranger. she looks sitting next to me as we drive. linda asks me what i'd like to have happen?

i tell her, i'd love to see someone kiss her and strip her naked, i want him to look at your naked body, feel you all over kiss suck and bite on your tits, let him fuck you all he wants to. so i ask her what she thought? linda puts her hand on my pants squeezing my cock as she says, that sounds good. she asks, can she do anything she wants to him? i know what she means and tell her oh yes please do. she's smiling now stroking my through my pants. we'ed been driving for about 20 minutes when we spotted somebody hich hiking, i say, theres one, linda says lets pick him up. so i pull over to the side of the road and stop. the guy has to run over to us. he opens the door, getting in and looks at linda and me, then he says, hi linda and hi to me. we look at him noticing for the that it was johnny, a guy we haddn't seen in over 5 years, he'd stayed with us a couple of weeks and we found out that he was stealing from us.

he'd taken the money we had put away for our rent that month. plus alot of other things that we haddn't noticed until he'd moved out. when we found out he'd taken our rent money and confronted him about it, he just said so what he wanted to get loaded. he didn't care wheather we liked it or not. thats when we told him to get out and never come back. linda called him a fuckin . telling him she hated him now and never wanted to see him again. well now here he is and i'm thinking, as pissed off as we are about him what to do. linda says hi to him asking how he's been. she looks at me for a sign, i mumble to her, yes or no? she nodds her head at me for my reacion, i nod back smiling. she says why not? johnnys looking at linda sitting there between us smiling. he says she sure looks bitchen tonight. i tell him i know. saying, remember johnny we haven'seen you in over 5 years.

he smils as he says oh ya. he asks what we are doing? i say we are just out for a drive enjoying ourselves. he asks us if we'd like to come to his place for a while, he says he has some beer and would like to share it with us. i ask linda? she says sure let do it. so we go to his house, which was a real dump. it was an old run down two bedroom house that needed alot of work done on it. we went in and there wasn't any furniture to sit on. he had some mattress on the floor so we sat on them johnny excused himself to go to the bathroom. i ask linda how she felt about it being johnny? SHE TELLS ME THAT KNOWING JUST HOW MUCH SHE HATES HIM IS WHAT EXCITES HER. i tell her me to. i say i like the degrading you part vry much. linda tells me, she wants to have to humiliate herself totatly with him and let him think that he's pulled off another scam on us and me.

i say, once we start, you have to do everything you can to him. she says she will. johnny comes back and hands us both a beer. were sitting down on the mattresses with linda between us.the light is shinning just right on lindas body as we talk and look her over. linda asks him what he's thinking about? johnny looks her over real good as he says, he is thinking just how sexy she is looking. linda thanks him saying oh your just saying that. johnny says, she's right but that he means it, she has him excited just sitting here. i tell linda, he's right you do look good so good that i can't blame johnny for feeling like he dose. linda tells us that she don't know why but she likes hearing us tell her that.i ask, how do you feel? johnny leans up moving closer to her as she says, it makes her feel tinglie all over, and she feels excited knowing we think of her that way. johnny asks, do you like having him look at her? linda says, oh ya it gives her goose bumps. i tell johnny that for some reason i like having him enjoy looking at my wife. linda tells me it turns her on hearing me say i liked having johnny look at her. johnny has moved next to her and says, he bet that linda looks alot better without clothes on. i jump in and say your right about that. we've been here now for about 15 minutes which isn't that long but i didn't want things to bog down and ruin our plans.

i tell johnny that linda could be in playboy, thats how bitcnen she is. linda speaks out saying, no she couldn't,she's not that good. i say, yes you are. johnnys looking at her up and down telling her that he bet she could. he says just looking at you here i can see you are as good as any girl in playboy. she says were wrong.i say, it's to we can't prove it linda. she says, she almost wishes she could. johnny asks her, if he could think of a way, would she prove it to us? i add, ya that sounds exciting, linda looks at me, grinning as she slowly nodds her head telling me (yes) knowing both of us really hate johnny compeletly makes the mood seem really thrilling and exciting. johnny asks me if i wouldn't mind? i say hell no i don't mind, if you have an ides tell us. johnny grinns as he looks at linda, she tells him to tell us his idea, johnny says, will you do it if i tell you? then added, do it for me linda. she asks me if i want her to? i say yes go ahead and do what johnny says. linda tells johnny, ok she'll do what he wants. johnny says, bitchen linda, you can let me see you naked so i can judge for myself. thats when i add, me to i want to see. johnny says, you get to see her anytime you want.

i tell him i know but that i never get enough of linda. she asks me what she should do? i tell her, do what johnny said, then i add, stand up in front of us and give us a show and take off your clothes as we watch you. johnny says, thats a bitchen idea, linda do it. i can tell she is really nervous and scarred, but i also see the excitement in her eyes. i'm thinking about how he stoled our rent money and told us so what he didn't care. that has me pissed off, but because i'm letting him get to think he's putting another thing on us i'm excited. i say go ahead linda do it. she gets up standing in front of us and looks at both of us, i say, move back a little so we can see you better. she dose. johnny says dam but she looks bitchen.

she stood there a minute then said, this is wth johnny here looking at me. i tell her don't think about it, go ahead and start. linda is shaking a little from fear and excitement. she say's here i go, johnny now sits up leaning back against the wall, his eyes are on her totatly now as she starts unbuttoning her blouse linda gets all the buttons undone then she looks johnny in his eyes as she pulls it open showing him her bitchen bikini bra covering her bitchen tits. she lets the blouse slide down off of her arms onto the floor. johnny mumbles, dam she is bitchen. linda then unsnaps her skirt pulls down the zipper and pushes it down her hips past her panties onto the floor. standing there in bikini bra and panties has me so worked up i can't beleave it.

watching johnnys eyes as he starrs at her has me in another world. yes i like it. linda now says, johnny this is for you. she then reached behind her back unhooking her bra, as she starts to pull it from her body, she says, johnny, since your going to judge whether or not i could be in playboy. when i drop my bra you can come up to me and look at me and do what ever you want for a minute if it will help you descide. johnny just looks at her suprised as he says ok. linda then dropped her bra reveling two of the most perfectly pointed firm tits he's ever seen. it excited me totaly watching as johnny got up and went to her and looked at her tits then he put his hands all over them squeezing and feeling them real good.

he then quickly bent his real forced anal against her will head down and started kissising and sucking on them. she liked it alot so did i. i told him to sit down so she could finish. when he did, he tells me that he can't believe this is happening. i say take advantage of it becaus it will probably never happen again. looking at linda now, she say's watch, then slowly slips her panties down to the floor, then she stands up letting us enjoy her naked body. i ask him, well what do you think can she be in playboy?johnny smiles as he says, she's as good if not better then most of the girls that pose for it. i agreed i tell him. he says his cock is so hard it hurts. linda comes over by us and kneels down in front of johnny, she says, johnny you now get to check the rest of me out. he says bitchen. i add, you have johnny so turned on linda that i think that if you let him look at the rest of you that you should also let him do whatever he wants to you. he say's ya linda. she smiles and says, ok johnny anything you want. he grabs ahold of her pulling her against him, running his hands all over her naked flesh. i say, johnny, why don't you stand up and have linda strip you? he says ok, the stands up. she stands up to then pulls his shirt off of him. johnny pulled her tits against his chest. he says she feel so good he can't describe it. then i tell her to get on her knees in front of him and take his pants off.

she dose, she gets down and unbuckles his belt then she unsnaps the snap and pulls the ziper down. i'm very excited as i watch her now slip her hands inside his pants and slip them down off of him to the floor.he stepped out of them and linda was facing his shorts with his hard cock pushing out against them with her face only inches away. now she reached up with both hands and pulled his shorts down off of him leaving him stark naked standing there with linda sitting on her knees in front of his hard cock sticking out at her. linda looked at me as i nod a little which tells her to go ahead. johnny was looking down at her smiling. he put his hands around her head, but he didn't have to pull her to him. when his hands went to her head she knew what he wanted so she suprised him by moving right onto his hard cock and opened her mouth and slipped his cock inside and startd sucking. johnny was really suprised as she sucked on his cock. i ask, how dose it feel johnny? he is in heaven as he says, it feels so good i don't ever want her to stop. linda liked hearing that so she now began squeezing his balls and stroking his cock while she sucked on his. johnny was moaning out loud how good it felt as he was humpng her face. it didn't take more then 2 minutes before johnny started saying he's cumming. and he came inside her mouth filling her mouth full of his cum. linda took it all down as much as she could. johnny was moaning out what a bitchin feeling he has while shooting his cum down her mouth.

linda gobbled up every drop that she could. she sucked and sucked on his cock until he went soft. then she put his cock in her hand and rubbed it all ove her face as he watched her do it. when she finished johnny sat down next to her looking at her. he says, he's never cum in a girls mouth before, and said he didn't think they liked it. so i say, you mean that mary or barb. or any of the other girls you were with never sucked your cock? johnny says, he got barb to a couple of times but she only did it for a minute then stopped. mary wouldn't do it at all, and the others they made it clear that i was not to cum in there mouths. i ask, did the girls do things to please you? johnny says hell, all they did was to mostly lay back and let me do what i wanted xnxxv sunny leone video to them' i'm thinking he's never had a girl do things to please him, and hopfully tonight he is going to use my wife in more ways then he ever expected. looking at her now johnny says, i was sure right about linda having a perfect body. she is sitting up on her knees facing him, she is sitting straight up and her beautiful tits are standing straight out pointing at him. he tells her that she has the best looking tits he has ever seen and he's seen lots of them. he puts his hands on her tits now and feels them gently enjoying his prise. he says they are so soft and firm and feel so good. he then leaned his mouth over onto one of them and started sucking on it. he's squeezing the one as he sucks the other one. then he changes places and sucks the other one. johnny keept doing this for a while, which i liked seeing him do. he sucked and kissed on them over and over enjoying her body with his mouth. linda lets him know that she likes what he is doing to her. johnny stopped a moment and says, i want to do something i've never done before, he pushes linda back a littlt then stands up in front of her.

johnny says, he has always wanted to try doing this, as he takes ahold of his cock and puts it between linda tits and squeezes them together around his cock and starts fucking her tits. he slides his cock up and down fucking her tits. he asks her if she liked what he is doing? linda mumbles out 0oh ya johnny it feels great. i liked watching what he is doing because i liked the feeling it gave me seeing his cock slide between her tits like that. linda reached between his legs and fondled his balls telling him that she will do anything that he wants her to do no matter what it was. johnny hearing that got rock hard as he fucked her tits when linda told him she'll do anything he wants johnny got so turnned on he shouted out god dam linda, then he started fucking her tits faster telling her he is comming. linda says do it johnny cum and soak me in your cum. he shot a big load right up between her tits and it shot into her face. johnny keept fucking lindas tits . he covered her neck shoulders and tits in his cum. when he finally stopped he looked down at her grinning saying that felt good. as he looked at her and tits, he jokenly said, he never thought in his whole life that he would ever have linda here with her naked fucking me and sucking my cock, plus cumming in her mouth allover her face and tits. it's the last thing i ever would of thought would happen. linda went to clean up. while gone, johnny asks me why i'm doing this? so i tell him how i feel, he says bitchen, anytime i want him to fuck linda just let him know. he'll be right over. i let him know this is the only time he'll get to do this so he better make the most of it. linda comes back and sits down. she looks perfect she's so beautiful. johnny went to the bathroom. linda asks me if i really liked watching her with johnny? i say, yes i do. she says she is glad because just knowing how much she is humiliating and degrading herself so he can enjoy her body everyway he wants to has her so excited she can't believe it. i say we both know that all he is interested in is to get what he can and do as much as he can to you for his own amusment. then i ask her how far do you want to have this go? lina says, right now there's no limit, she wants him to get dirty and perverted if he will. about then johnny comes back and sits next to linda.

he looks her over, i ask, what do you think johnny? he says, this is a dream come true for him. i ask, why? he's put a hand on her leg roaming up and down, johnny says, linda is the one girl that got away. she wouldn't have anything to do with me and told me so, more then once. he says, remember that linda? she mumbles, yes. johnny says, he's always wanted to fuck you linda. but you always turned me away. telling me that if i was the last guy in the world you wouldn't have anything to do with me. you really made me feel bad so i started hating you. thats why i stoled your money, to get back at you. she tells him, well you did that we had to move because of you. johnny says, he knows and was glad. then johnny says, and now look at you, here naked with me. and i'm doing whatever i want with you. she says you finally get what you wanted. johnny licks his lips as he says, thats right. he says, tell me, why are you doing this with me? linda says,she don't know, if she stops to think about it she'll probably change her mind.johnny asks me what i wanted to see him do to linda, and can he do it? i say yes you can, i say i'd like tohave youput bite marks on her and hickies and kiss and fuck her. what else he asks? anything you can think of, i say. he looks at linda and asks her what she would like him to do to her. she says, whats something that you have always wanted to do but were afraid to tell anyone? johnny says, he's always wanted to give a girl a good spanking. i say, really? he says yes, linda asks him what kind of spanking are you talking about? he says, sometimes he wants to just slap her face and tits. making her cry. thats what makes it sounds so exciting to me, hearing her cry and cry.

 linda says, tell her more, johnny looks at her and says, sometimes hed like to slap her body all over. when he pictures doing it to someone he useually tries to pretend he is doing it to someone he knows. i ask, like who? tell us who you've wanted to spank. linda says ya tell us. johnny asks her why? is she that interested? linda says, she just want to know. johnny says, he has pretended that he's spanked mary. he reallylike to spank her. who else linda asks?he says, there were a couple of times i almost asked barb to let me but i chickened out. i ask, how much of a spanking would you like to gve a girl? johnny saysthe way he feels now it really sound exciting and i want to spank you linda. she acts suprised and . he is looking at her naked body next to him and pulls her up against im holding her tight against his body. he starts kissing er and running his hands all over her body. linda kiss him back and puts her hand around his cock stroking it making him feel good.when johnny was hard again he told her to lay on her back. linda did and looked very sexy. johnny then moved over on top of her and fucked her. he bit into her neck sucking hickies on her neck. johnny was pounding his body into hers fast and hard. linda was doing the same thing back to him. johnny started asking her how sh liked being fucked by him? she began telling him she liked it very much. he saidtell me more bitch. you are my bitch arn't you linda? she says yes if thats what he wants. he says yes tell me your my bitch now.

linda starts saying she is his bitch to use anyway he wants. there both fucking real good and hard. he says do you like my cock bitch? she says yes she dose. what dose it feel like bitch? she says it feels good in ,y johnny i want your cock in me fucking me. about then he starts cumming and pounds his cockinto her as she fucks him back just as hard, when they came they came together and both moaned and moaned out loud how good it felt. i liked that knowing linda came was great. when they parted they both lay there exhusted. johnny says he don't think he can go on any farther. linda was tired to so we decided it was time to stop. ok i got carried away again but what can i say. if my wife ever found out i was like this she'd never talk o me again. what do you think, let me know by, one dirty ol man