A Sin Come True

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A Sin Come True

She was an aspiring substitute /teacher/">teacher, and a /cute/">cute one at that. At twenty-six, Rebecca was the youngest and cutest teacher I know. With her brown hair and glossy brown eyes, she was a teacher that you would like to know. Not only did her looks grab you, but the way she tought did as well, as she had a spontaneous way of teaching. She also allowed you to call her by her first name, unlike the other teachers like Mrs. Doe, and Mr. Babaloo, just to name a few. She was known as Rebecca, and I was not going to let her leave me, despite it being a sin to want to date a teacher. On August 31,1999, however, I left her.

I moved to Buffalo, New York for three years, and then to Orlando, Florida for two, all of which I thought about Rebecca. I wondered how age changed her, and I was going to find out. I knew all I could do was say "Hi" to her, mainly because of my looks, and how bad they are. I was an ugly guy, with red hair and blue eyes, and the Tourette Syndrome only added to the problem. I had many facial tics and a few arm tics, but that didnt matter, I was ugly... Thats all there is to it. I was ugly.

While living in Orlando, I met this girl, who was only two years older than I was, and she was cute. Her and I got along, but just before I determined that I was going back to live in Washington State, she told me that I would never get a /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend, let alone a wife. That was something I knew, seeing as everybody else said that when I was young. I felt that I would never get a girl friend, so I never bothered, but I wanted to live in Washington. I wanted to see Rebecca.

Knowing that she may already be married, I was determined not to let her get to me. I really didnt want that to happen. I didnt fear death, but I didnt want to die like that, so I intended to keep her at a distance, but I wanted to work up the relationship we had six years prior, while I was a Junior High Student.

I may have still liked Rebecca, but I felt that Rebecca would not remember me, so I started calling my old friends. Cris, Jason, Katelyn, Robert, and Andy, to see what I could do to live up there. I then called a neighborhood store that my dad used to work in after he retired from the military, and applied right over the phone. They called me back and said they wanted me to get the hell over there and start working. I packed up my stuff, found a truck, bought it, and moved back to where I came from.

I moved into the North Kitsap district and back near where I used to live. In fact, my old house was visible from my new house. When I got there, the first thing I did was started searching for my lost friends. I found them all in Kingston, and started searching for Rebecca. I found her as my next door neighbor.

It was a small tannish house, and one that I knew all to well. It was the house of sexxxx video ful hd my worst nightmare, Brian, who teased me from here to hell and back again. I walked slowly to the house. It looked like somebody was home, so I was nervous. I didnt want anybody to know how I still felt, so I walked slowly. Step by step, I just got more nervous. "What if she doesnt remember me?" I thought. "What if shes married and she doesnt want to see me again." I just continued walking, slowly towards the house.

It came to my attention that there was a sound. It sounded like crying, so I looked around. I didnt know where it came from, but it sounded like the back yard of the house. I was one to hear things that arent truly there, so I walked curious at what the sound was. I got to theporch, and on the side was a girl crying. She had wavy brown hair, and it felt all to familiar. I walkedup to her, and asked the question... "Is everything alright?" She shook her head. "Every year on this day, I think about my favorite student." She paused and looked up at me, and continued. "His name was Rocky, and he moved six years ago today." Which came at a shock to me. It was August 31, 2005! Six years to the day ago, I moved to Buffalo. I was back, but I didnt know if I was that Rocky. I knew six other Rockys, one was a girl! "Do you have a last name?" I asked.

"Thompson." She said. That was the shocker. She was talking about me! "Rebecca?" I asked in shock. Just then, she stopped crying, and looked up at me. "Its me... Rocky." I said. She looked at me for a second, and smiled. As she did this, she jumped up, laughed, and ran into my arms, giving me a big squeeze. "ROCKY!!!" She yelled in glee. "Rocky, Ive missed you so much!"

"And I missed you Rebecca." I replied. She may have been thirty-two, but she didnt look the part. She still had her youth. She looked like she did the day I left.

She drug me into her house, and threw me on the couch. It looked like the couch I had when I was still living here in the Ever Green State. She pushed me down, and started to kiss me wildly, and I kissed back, but I still had thoughts of her marital status. "Im still single." She said, as she unbuttoned her flannel shirt. Under her pink glossy bra, she still had some nice, firm, and youthful breasts. I couldnt help, however, not looking at them, because I was shocked that she was still single. Six years, and still single, what were the odds of that? She kissed me again, and then I was hit back to /reality/">reality. She was on top of me, in just a jean skirt, and a glossy pink bra. I wrapped my arms around her, with out a care. I was finally with the teacher of my dreams.

Now, still being a virgin, I didnt know how to do that, so I was hesitant to begin. She took off her bra, and my penis went "zoom" upward. She then whispered into my ear. "Dont worry, this is my /first-time/">first time too." When she said that, I knew what she was going for, and that made me happy. This /girl/hot-girl/">hot girl, still a virgin, was finally with me. Hoo boy.

My heart was racing as she took of my shirt and started to kiss my chest, and unbotton my jeans. I felt a jerk at my erect penis, and I saw her start to lick and kiss it. That felt weird, but it was nice, because it was her doing it, and not some drunk weirdo I just met at the bar. I suddenly felt an urge arise as she stopped licking it. She took off her jean skirt, and everything underneath, and pulled my jeans completely off. She then crawled on top of me, and proceeded to go up and down. I knew what she was doing, and I liked it. Her and I were still kissing, until I stopped."Whats wrong, honey?" She asked. With a little squeel, it felt as if something had jumped right out of my penis. "What was that?" I asked. "Did you just cum?" She asked me.

"I dont know."

She pulled up, and her vagina off of me. There was a thick stick substance stringing on us. She looked at me and smiled. "I hope Im pregnant now." She said. After she said that, I wondered what the hell she was talking about. It didnt take long for me to realize that I did, in fact, cum inside of her. We went through the day with each other, and eventually, I left.

I returned the next day to a note on her door. It said: Sorry my love, I moved. I hope we can still keep in "touch" in the future.?


My heart sank to a level lower than I ever felt, and I slowly walked home. I got to the door, and inserted my key. Ihearted the click, and proceeded to open the door... If it was unlocked. I thought I locked the door when I left, and now I re-locked it? How did that happen? In fact I knew I locked the door. I took out a knife I had hidden in my vest, and un-locked the door. I opened it slowly, and in an un-earthly rage, I checked the house for intruders. "I have a knife, and years of training." I said. I went into my room, knife still in hand, and I saw the intruder. It was Rebecca. "Holy shit!" I yelled as I fell backwards. I recovered, put my knife away, and looked at her in pure /surprise/">surprise. "I hope its alright if I move in, honey. If not, I can still move back." I was real surprised now. Just last night, I fucked her, and now she moved in with me.

Can life xxx sex video download free com get any better? It did as nine months later. She had our first child, and eventually, one year later, we got married. At twenty-one, I married thirty-three year old Rebecca, and now we live happily with our three kids in Portland, Oregon, and are doing well. Well, thats my story, good night.